Cohabitation Contract

Does Maryland Recognize Common Law Marriage?

More and more people are living together without a legal or religious marriage ceremony. At some point in time, if you have been living with a romantic partner for several years, you may wonder whether you are in a common law marriage, or may even wo… Read More
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Tax Day 2019 on Calendar

Do I Have to File Taxes With My Spouse?

Two things that make most people unhappy are facing divorce and the prospect of filing taxes. These experiences, unpleasant on their own, can be even more difficult when combined. When you are in the midst of the divorce process, and confronted with… Read More
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Gavel and Money - Expenses in Divorce

Managing Unexpected Expenses in Divorce

You know that divorce is expensive: you’ve seen it on TV and magazines, heard about it from family and friends who have gone through the process. Somehow, although you know it to be true, the full reality of your expenses in divorce doesn’… Read More
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Girl with smartphone - Technology to Connect with Your Kids

Using Technology to Connect with Your Kids

We often bemoan the fact that our kids won’t lift their heads from their screens long enough to have a conversation with us, but when your kids are across town or across the country, their connection to their devices can work in your favor. Whe… Read More
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Technology to Co-Parent: Computer with Calendar

Using Technology to Co-Parent Better

There’s no doubt that technology can play a negative role in marriage and divorce, from the availability of internet porn and websites for married individuals looking to stray to social media like Facebook and Twitter, where individuals can co… Read More
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Pay Stub

What is Income for Child Support Purposes?

Next to child custody, child support is one of the issues parents worry about most in a divorce. The Maryland Child Support Guidelines calculate child support on an “income shares” model, which focuses on the relative incomes of the child… Read More
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Father talking to young son about divorce

Talking to Kids About Divorce: 7 Tips

Divorce is never easy, and it’s particularly challenging for parents of young children. In addition to worrying about the legal issues of child custody, parenting time, and child support, there is the very personal consideration of how the chil… Read More
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Tax refund form

Who Gets to Claim the Kids on Their Taxes?

If you filed taxes together with your spouse when you were married, you claimed the kids as dependents without even thinking about it. But now that you are planning to divorce, who gets to claim kids on taxes and take that all-important exemption? Fo… Read More
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Blue Tweet Button on Keyboard

How Facebook and Twitter Affect Your Divorce

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Snapchat can not only contribute to the demise of a marriage, they can cause endless trouble in a divorce. If you’re going to be social online, you need to be smart in real life. Social media… Read More
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Silhouette of kids and parents with joint custody

Is Joint Custody Right for Your Family?

In Maryland, the law doesn’t presume that joint custody or sole custody is in the best interests of the children. This differs from many states, which start from a position that presumes joint custody is desirable, and requires parties to demon… Read More
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