Maryland Divorce Document Checklist

Maryland Divorce Documents Checklist

As soon as it occurs to you that you may want to separate from your spouse, it is time to educate yourself about the issues at hand and gather information to use in your divorce, if needed. Much of the needed information will come from your own docum… Read More
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small business owner considering divorce

What Divorce Means for the Family Business

When you are self-employed or work for a family business, a divorce can directly affect your bottom line. Understanding what divorce means for the family business can help you make smarter decisions, both at work and at home. What Happens to a Busine… Read More
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Our family law attorneys know contempt family court and can help you get help enforcing your judgment or custody order.

What Does Contempt of Court Mean in Maryland Family Law?

When your Judgment of Absolute Divorce or custody order is final it ends your family court case. But sometimes one spouse or co-parent doesn’t follow through with what they have been told to do. When that happens, you may need to file a petition fo… Read More
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Up close image of the hands and body language of a mediator with divorcing couple in mediation.

Mediation Techniques Used in Maryland

Mediation can be a great tool for resolving disputes. It can help keep co-parents out of court, and help divorcing spouses resolve their cases quickly, and without the trouble of trial. Understanding what mediation is, and the different mediation tec… Read More
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how to tell your kids about divorce

How to Tell Your Kids About Your Divorce

Any time a marriage ends, the children of that relationship will need to know about it. Children are generally flexible and resilient to change. They can adapt to new living arrangements and parenting plans. However, how you tell your kids about your… Read More
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out of court

Out of Court Divorce - What are my options?

Some families are not well-suited to the conflict and high tension of an adversarial divorce trial. If divorce court sounds expensive, time consuming, and unhealthy, you may want to consider out of court alternatives. Which one is best for you will d… Read More
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child vaccination

How Do You Handle Vaccine -- and Other Health Decisions -- as a Divorced Couple?

Over the past year, there has been a strong push to develop, approve, and distribute the COVID-19 vaccine nationwide. But there are many who are opposed to it for religious, philosophical, or political reasons. Now that the vaccine has been approved… Read More
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Making Your Holiday Visit…

Making Your Holiday Visitation Schedule

Halloween marks the beginning of the extended holiday season. What you do now in making your holiday visitation schedule will shape your children’s holiday experience today, and memories for years to come. Here’s how to make a child’s holiday v… Read More
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tax consequences of divorce

Tax Consequences to Consider During Divorce

In the heat of intense divorce negotiations, it can be easy to lose sight of the long-term effects of your settlement or litigation decisions. When those effects include the IRS, the tax consequences of divorce can turn what seemed like a wise choice… Read More
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high asset divorce

5 Top Mistakes Made in High Asset Divorces

When couples with a high net worth get divorced, there is more at stake than in lower income cases. Treating a high asset divorce like just another breakup can lead to costly mistakes. But these errors can easily be remedied by working with an attorn… Read More
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