Parents carrying their son on shoulders on a beach vacation.

Planning for Co-Parenting Success

The start of the new school year is a great time to reassess and plan your co-parenting for the year as well. Having a plan, showing each other respect and having the success of your child be the focus will help to ensure that your child, and your co… Read More
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Washington DC Cherry Blossoms

Family Activities in the DC Metro Area — Spring 2019

The sun is shining, the flowers are starting to bloom, and the temperature is finally above freezing. This means that spring has definitely arrived. There are so many activities in our area, and some great family activities that you won’t want to m… Read More
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Frustrated little girl upset of parents fight looking at camera

What Questions to Ask the Best Maryland Divorce Attorneys about Children in Divorce

When a marriage breaks down, it is all too easy for parents to make the divorce all about their own needs. No matter the age, children are significantly affected when the family unit splits. Here are some questions to ask the best Maryland divorce at… Read More
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Man proposing to his girlfriend

How Long After Divorce Can You Remarry in Maryland?

Sometimes your divorce happens as soon as your marriage is over. In other cases, you and your former spouse stay technically married, even while you live separate lives. Find out how a long separation can make your divorce more complicated, and how l… Read More
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Cohabitation Contract

Does Maryland Recognize Common Law Marriage?

More and more people are living together without a legal or religious marriage ceremony. At some point in time, if you have been living with a romantic partner for several years, you may wonder whether you are in a common law marriage, or may even wo… Read More
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Tax Day 2019 on Calendar

Do I Have to File Taxes With My Spouse?

Two things that make most people unhappy are facing divorce and the prospect of filing taxes. These experiences, unpleasant on their own, can be even more difficult when combined. When you are in the midst of the divorce process, and confronted with… Read More
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Model of Home in Broken Glass Globe

Things to Ask Top Maryland Divorce Lawyers about Dividing Property

Starting a divorce raises questions about everything from who keeps the home to whether you can have visitation of your cat. Here are some of the top things to ask Maryland divorce lawyers about dividing property, and why you should ask the questions… Read More
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Gavel and Money - Expenses in Divorce

Managing Unexpected Expenses in Divorce

You know that divorce is expensive: you’ve seen it on TV and magazines, heard about it from family and friends who have gone through the process. Somehow, although you know it to be true, the full reality of your expenses in divorce doesn’… Read More
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Girl with smartphone - Technology to Connect with Your Kids

Using Technology to Connect with Your Kids

We often bemoan the fact that our kids won’t lift their heads from their screens long enough to have a conversation with us, but when your kids are across town or across the country, their connection to their devices can work in your favor. Whe… Read More
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Technology to Co-Parent: Computer with Calendar

Using Technology to Co-Parent Better

There’s no doubt that technology can play a negative role in marriage and divorce, from the availability of internet porn and websites for married individuals looking to stray to social media like Facebook and Twitter, where individuals can co… Read More
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