domestic violence divorce

Does Domestic Violence Affect Your Divorce?

Leaving an abusive spouse takes courage and a strong support system. After years (possibly decades) of manipulation and control, you need to know there is someone you can trust to stand by you and help you through a domestic violence divorce. That in… Read More
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non-marital property

What is Considered Non-Marital Property in Maryland?

Frequently, people are upset to learn that individually titled property can be deemed marital and subject to division in divorce. One of the ways that a lawyer can guide you and mitigate your property exposure in divorce, is by helping you to identif… Read More
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same sex couples

Same-Sex Couples and Child Custody

Same-sex couples have been able to get married in Maryland since 2013, and in other parts of the country as early as 2004. When gay and lesbian couples decide to start families, the law around same-sex couples and child custody can seem complicated.… Read More
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Prenuptial agreement

A Guide to Prenuptial Agreements in Maryland

Sometime between the proposal and the wedding day, many Maryland couples find themselves thinking about how marriage will affect their lives, their property, and their loved ones. With more couples waiting to get married, or getting remarried later i… Read More
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Family Law Attorney Icons

How to Find a Family Law Attorney

Making the decision to start a divorce or take your child’s other parent to court is never easy. You need to know you have the right person by your side. Choosing the right family law attorney can mean the difference between a prompt resolution tha… Read More
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Mediator talking to a couple during a session

Top 10 Tips For Successful Divorce Mediation

Your divorce case has been referred to mediation. Or maybe you and your spouse are hoping to avoid lengthy litigation by mediating first and then filing for a Mutual Consent Divorce. If you want to make the most of your time and energy, here are some… Read More
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Unhappy couple

How to Prepare for Divorce Legally, Financially and Emotionally

Getting a divorce is one of the biggest decisions you will make. Choosing to end a relationship is almost never easy, and sometimes it can even be traumatic. But decisions you make early in the process can make a difficult situation easier. Find out… Read More
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Judge Striking Gavel Between Split House

What Happens to the House in a Divorce?

For many Maryland couples, especially those without children, who gets the family home is one of the biggest questions during a divorce. A house can be one of the family’s most valuable assets, and the mortgage on that house one of the largest debt… Read More
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Separation agreement form

Can You Change A Separation Agreement in Maryland?

A lot can happen in a year. If you signed a separation agreement in Maryland but then something changes what seems fair, you may be looking for a way to change your agreement. Depending on what you want to adjust and what has changed in the interim,… Read More
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Unhappy couple at home

What’s the difference: Absolute v. Limited Divorce in Maryland

If you are considering filing for divorce in Maryland, you may have seen the terms “absolute divorce” and “limited divorce” and wondered which one you need. Asking for the wrong type of divorce could delay the resolution of your case, or even… Read More
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