Maintaining Normal During…

Maintaining Normal During this Abnormal: How to Keep Kids Entertained and Safe During Covid-19 Without Added Costs

Over the past several weeks, millions of children across the US have been displaced from their schools and sequestered to their homes for an indefinite amount of time. Both parents and educators are scrambling to find balance between education and en… Read More
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Family Law: What Options…

Family Law: What Options are Available During the Covid-19 Shutdown?

If you had been considering a divorce or are currently co-parenting under a visitation agreement or child custody order, the announcements about COVID-19 shutdowns may leave you wondering what to do now. Can anything be done? Here are some practical… Read More
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Does It Matter Who Files…

Does It Matter Who Files for Divorce First?

If you are considering filing for divorce in Maryland, you may be uncertain when balancing the emotional considerations of your spouse and children, as well as your own desire to protect your legal rights as a parent and your financial rights as a sp… Read More
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Divorce and Moving Out -…

Divorce and Moving Out - What is Abandonment?

Divorces often don’t happen all at once. The build up to a divorce can be full of tension, fighting, and in some cases physical danger. You may be tempted to walk out and end the strain, but doing so could affect your Maryland divorce case. Before… Read More
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New Maryland Parenting Pl…

New Maryland Parenting Plan Forms

In child custody matters, it is often best if parents who are separated or in the process of separating are able to work together amicably to discuss and decide on a plan as to the parenting of their children. As a parent, you have known your childre… Read More
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How Does Adultery Affect…

How Does Adultery Affect Maryland Divorce?

Separation and divorce matters can be affected by adultery in many ways. Adultery is hurtful to a spouse that has been cheated on and may cause a lack of trust, a breakdown in communication, and resentments that can be hard to overcome. Frequently, a… Read More
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Responding to Discovery:…

Responding to Discovery: How to Save Time and Money

Discovery requests can feel daunting and overwhelming; you may not have any idea where to begin. Take a few minutes to read through our previous discovery post to familiarize yourself with what exactly discovery is in a Maryland case. Here are some t… Read More
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How Private Are My Social…

How Private Are My Social Media Pages?

Through the discovery process, the other side has a right to all your social media accounts, whether you have them on a privacy setting or not. You should always keep that in mind and expect that all e-mails, text messages and posts on your social me… Read More
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Am I Responsible for My S…

Am I Responsible for My Spouse's Debt?

Money is one of the top causes of divorce in the U.S. Money problems usually mean you, your spouse, or both have accumulated enough debt that making the payments is straining the relationship. As you begin to negotiate how your divorce will be resolv… Read More
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Will Child Support Cover…

Will Child Support Cover Your Child’s Medical Costs?

If you have a child who needs braces, has special needs, or faces diagnosis or treatment for a serious health condition, the medical costs can add up very quickly. When families of children with these needs are separated (whether through divorce or w… Read More
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