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How to Get a Divorce in M…

How to Get a Divorce in Maryland Without a Lawyer

These days, many Maryland residents are trying to find ways to do more with less. That includes taking on projects they would normally have left to a professional. When the project at hand is ending your marriage, you may be able to get a divorce in… Read More
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Family Law: What Options…

Family Law: What Options are Still Available During the Covid-19 Shutdown?

If you had been considering a divorce or are currently co-parenting under a visitation agreement or child custody order, the announcements about COVID-19 shutdowns may leave you wondering what to do now. Can anything be done? Here are some practical… Read More
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Does It Matter Who Files…

Does It Matter Who Files for Divorce First?

If you are considering filing for divorce in Maryland, you may be uncertain when balancing the emotional considerations of your spouse and children, as well as your own desire to protect your legal rights as a parent and your financial rights as a sp… Read More
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Divorce and Moving Out -…

Divorce and Moving Out - What is Abandonment?

Divorces often don’t happen all at once. The build up to a divorce can be full of tension, fighting, and in some cases physical danger. You may be tempted to walk out and end the strain, but doing so could affect your Maryland divorce case. Before… Read More
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Man proposing to his girlfriend - Law Office of Shelly Ingram

How Long After Divorce Can You Remarry in Maryland?

Sometimes your divorce happens as soon as your marriage is over. In other cases, you and your former spouse stay technically married, even while you live separate lives. Find out how a long separation can make your divorce more complicated, and how l… Read More
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Tax Day 2019 on Calendar - Law Office of Shelly Ingram

Do I Have to File Taxes With My Spouse?

Two things that make most people unhappy are facing divorce and the prospect of filing taxes. These experiences, unpleasant on their own, can be even more difficult when combined. When you are in the midst of the divorce process, and confronted with… Read More
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Model of Home in Broken Glass Globe - Law Office of Shelly Ingram

Things to Ask Top Maryland Divorce Lawyers about Dividing Property

Starting a divorce raises questions about everything from who keeps the home to whether you can have visitation of your cat. Here are some of the top things to ask Maryland divorce lawyers about dividing property, and why you should ask the questions… Read More
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Gavel and Money - Expenses in Divorce - Law Office of Shelly Ingram

Managing Unexpected Expenses in Divorce

You know that divorce is expensive: you’ve seen it on TV and magazines, heard about it from family and friends who have gone through the process. Somehow, although you know it to be true, the full reality of your expenses in divorce doesn’… Read More
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Father talking to young son about divorce - Law Office of Shelly Ingram

Talking to Kids About Divorce: 7 Tips

Divorce is never easy, and it’s particularly challenging for parents of young children. In addition to worrying about the legal issues of child custody, parenting time, and child support, there is the very personal consideration of how the chil… Read More
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Tax refund form - Law Office of Shelly Ingram

Who Gets to Claim the Kids on Their Taxes?

If you filed taxes together with your spouse when you were married, you claimed the kids as dependents without even thinking about it. But now that you are planning to divorce, who gets to claim kids on taxes and take that all-important exemption? Fo… Read More
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