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Is Collaborative Divorce the Best Option?

You may have heard of a thing called collaborative divorce that’s designed to take the conflict out of ending your marriage. But is a collaborative divorce the best option for your family law case? Or could you be better served by formal litigation… Read More
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I Want My Spouse to Move…

I Want My Spouse to Move Out but They Refuse: What Can I Do?

There are a variety of options depending on your specific circumstances. We understand that with separation and divorce, living in separate households can be a difficult subject and can become expensive. At the Law Office of Shelly M. Ingram, our att… Read More
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Who Gets to Keep the Enga…

Who Gets to Keep the Engagement Ring?

There are a variety of answers depending on the specific circumstances behind the ring. At the Law Office of Shelly M. Ingram, our attorneys and mediators have a goal to listen to you and help you to understand the various options. What Makes a Gift… Read More
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Should I Tell My Divorce…

Should I Tell My Divorce Lawyer Everything? (And What Happens if You Don’t)

When you are sitting across the table at a divorce lawyer’s office, you may want to be selective about what you say and plead your best case. Keeping secrets from your attorney can come back to haunt you. Find out why you should tell your divorce l… Read More
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How to Get a Divorce in M…

How to Get a Divorce in Maryland Without a Lawyer

These days, many Maryland residents are trying to find ways to do more with less. That includes taking on projects they would normally have left to a professional. When the project at hand is ending your marriage, you may be able to get a divorce in… Read More
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Family Law: What Options…

Family Law: What Options are Available During the Covid-19 Shutdown?

If you had been considering a divorce or are currently co-parenting under a visitation agreement or child custody order, the announcements about COVID-19 shutdowns may leave you wondering what to do now. Can anything be done? Here are some practical… Read More
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Does It Matter Who Files…

Does It Matter Who Files for Divorce First?

If you are considering filing for divorce in Maryland, you may be uncertain when balancing the emotional considerations of your spouse and children, as well as your own desire to protect your legal rights as a parent and your financial rights as a sp… Read More
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Divorce and Moving Out -…

Divorce and Moving Out - What is Abandonment?

Divorces often don’t happen all at once. The build up to a divorce can be full of tension, fighting, and in some cases physical danger. You may be tempted to walk out and end the strain, but doing so could affect your Maryland divorce case. Before… Read More
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New Maryland Parenting Pl…

New Maryland Parenting Plan Forms

In child custody matters, it is often best if parents who are separated or in the process of separating are able to work together amicably to discuss and decide on a plan as to the parenting of their children. As a parent, you have known your childre… Read More
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How Does Adultery Affect…

How Does Adultery Affect Maryland Divorce?

Separation and divorce matters can be affected by adultery in many ways. Adultery is hurtful to a spouse that has been cheated on and may cause a lack of trust, a breakdown in communication, and resentments that can be hard to overcome. Frequently, a… Read More
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