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Family Law: What Options are Still Available During the Covid-19 Shutdown?

If you had been considering a divorce or are currently co-parenting under a visitation agreement or child custody order, the announcements about COVID-19 shutdowns may leave you wondering what to do now. Can anything be done? Here are some practical… Read More
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Does Maryland Recognize Common Law Marriage?

More and more people are living together without a legal or religious marriage ceremony. At some point in time, if you have been living with a romantic partner for several years, you may wonder whether you are in a common law marriage, or may even wo… Read More
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When should I contact a divorce lawyer?

If you are wondering when should I contact a divorce lawyer, the right time may be now. An experienced family law attorney will gather detailed information about you and the needs of your family during a confidential office consultation. With your sp… Read More
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How do I find a Family Law Attorney?

You’re probably not the first of your friends or family to need the help of a family law attorney. Like many others, you may be asking yourself – How do I find a family law attorney that is right for me? A personal referral is often the best… Read More
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