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Concept for final divorce decree. Marriage falls apart, wedding rings drop in water.

7 Steps to Take After A Final Divorce Decree

Your court case may end when a final divorce decree is entered, but that’s not the end of the divorce process. There are practical and emotional concerns, many of which cannot be addressed until after the Absolute Judgment of Divorce is entered. Al… Read More
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Marriage ring left with message concept for when a spouse asks for a divorce.

7 Things You Should Do After A Spouse Asks for Divorce

Knowing the things you should do after a spouse asks for divorce can help you work through your feelings and choose the right Maryland divorce process for you and your family. Read More
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Frustrated stressed young couple in bed lying backs to each other. Relationship and problems couples. Concept for Tips For A Healthy Separation.

7 Tips For A Healthy Separation

If you and your spouse are ready to take a break, you may be interested in how to separate in a healthy way and reduce conflict. Here are some tips that can help you move toward a healthy separation so you can protect yourself and your children from… Read More
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Close-up of mediator for couple analyzing behavior of spouses. Concept for the question “How does divorce mediation work?”

How Does Divorce Mediation Work? With Compromise and Cooperation.

Divorce mediation is a tool that helps Maryland couples dissolve their marriages peacefully and with respect for one another’s priorities. However, when emotions run high, it can lead you to wonder, “How does divorce mediation work?” The truth… Read More
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Word ALIMONY composed of wooden letters. Closeup

How Do I Know If I Will Get Alimony in my Maryland Divorce?

When a couple has been married and lived together for many years, it is not uncommon that one spouse will provide more financial support for the household than the other. When the marriage relationship breaks down, it can be challenging for the finan… Read More
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Two golden wedding rings. Concept for the changes to Maryland Divorce Laws.

Changes Are Coming to Maryland Divorce Laws

The way Maryland residents get divorced will change this fall. The state legislature has passed new Maryland divorce laws that eliminate the state’s “limited divorce” procedure, and change the wait-times, as well as the legal grounds parties mu… Read More
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Elderly couple stressed over how to handle their pension in a divorce.

Handling Pensions in a Divorce

Your pensions and retirement accounts may be your family’s most valuable asset. Especially if you are a renter or an older adult when your divorce is finalized, you may depend on your retirement accounts to provide for you in your old age, and to e… Read More
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Lawyer and client negotiation in legal judgement consulting. Concept for What is a

What is a "Retainer" and Why Do I Have to Pay It?

When you hire a divorce attorney or family lawyer to represent you, you may be asked to pay a “retainer” before any work is done. Depending on the nature and complexity of your case, this may be several thousand dollars. Understanding what this r… Read More
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Upset couple look away from each other at the beach Concept for Conscious Uncoupling

Collaborative Divorce: A Holistic Approach to Conscious Uncoupling

It is often said that within a divorce there are three unique separations that must each be addressed: (1) legal separation, (2) emotional separation, and (3) financial separation. The Collaborative Divorce model, sometimes called Collaborative Law o… Read More
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Cinematic Court of Law and Justice Trial: Judge Ruling Out a Positive Decision in a Civil Family Case, Close Up of a Striking Gavel to End Hearing. Concept for Prepare for a Divorce Deposition.

How Do I Prepare for a Divorce Deposition?

Testifying under oath can be a stressful experience. For many people, a divorce deposition is the first – sometimes only – time they will be cross examined by an attorney. That’s enough to make anyone nervous. Here are some tips for how to prep… Read More
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