How do I find a Family Law Attorney?

Outstanding people searchYou’re probably not the first of your friends or family to need the help of a family law attorney. Like many others, you may be asking yourself - How do I find a family law attorney that is right for me?

A personal referral is often the best place to start, whether you are in need of basic legal advice or detailed representation for your divorce, child custody or other family law matter. If you can, start your search for an attorney by asking the people that you know.

If you do not feel comfortable asking a friend or family member for a personal referral, there are several things that you should keep in mind when searching for an attorney to trust with your family’s legal needs:

  1. Experience - Is the attorney experienced at handling a family case like yours? Many attorneys practice family law in addition to other types of law. Your attorney should be familiar with the legal issues in your case and practice frequently in the county where your case will be heard.
  2. Philosophy - What is the attorney’s philosophy when it comes to family law cases? While most lawyers would agree that the courtroom is not the best place to resolve your family law disputes, it is important that the lawyer you select is prepared to fight for you when litigation is your only option.
  3. Communication - How does the attorney communicate with clients? What is the lawyer’s policy regarding phone calls and e-mails? Does the lawyer utilize technology to streamline communications and save time? When you speak with the lawyer, do you feel as though you are being heard?
  4. Collaborative and Mediation - Is the attorney trained in Collaborative law and mediation? When you meet with an attorney to discuss your divorce, child custody, or support case, it is important that you be given the opportunity to explore all of your available options, including Collaborative and mediation.
  5. Personal Service - How many attorneys in the firm will be working on your case? An attorney-client relationship is just that: a relationship. You deserve to have the attorney you know, and who knows your case, by your side from beginning to end.

We would be happy to speak with you about your case in a confidential office consultation. During your consultation, we will discuss the specific needs of your family, as well as our qualifications to meet them, so that together we can develop a strategy that will work for you. When you make an appointment with the Law Office of Shelly M. Ingram, LLC for a consultation or as a client, you will speak with an attorney, not a paralegal or assistant. For more information about our services, please call (301) 658-7354 or email

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