Maryland Spring Break Activities for Kids

Rear-view of five children jumping in the air wearing backpacks. Concept for Spring Break!

Spring Break is an opportunity for many parents to connect with their kids and make lasting memories. Whether you are a long-distance parent making the most of school breaks, or a custodial parent looking to break up your everyday routine, these Spring Break activities for kids in and around Maryland can help you and your children enjoy your parenting time together.

Spring Break in Maryland is Right Around the Corner

While there may still be snow on the ground, Spring Break is fast approaching. When you share custody of your children, after a divorce or through a custody order, it’s a good idea to start planning for your child’s vacation periods early. While there is not a uniform holiday visitation schedule that applies in every Maryland custody case, your child custody and visitation agreement will likely include special provisions for holidays and school breaks, which may be in addition to or supersede the regular parenting schedule. You should always refer to your custody and parenting time order first, to see if your kids will be with you for Spring Break. If you need to make changes, you should talk to your co-parent early, to avoid both parents making plans for spring break and the potential conflict that may follow.

Spring Break Activities Near Howard County, Maryland

Just because your kids get a week off from school doesn’t mean that you will be able to take the time off work or have the resources to go together on an exotic vacation. Nonetheless, there are still plenty of fun activities in and around Howard County for you and your children. Note, some of these activities do have a cost involved, and you may need to reserve your tickets in advance.

Explore Maryland’s History

Spring Break can be a great opportunity to help kids connect with Maryland’s rich history, and understand their social studies lessons on a more personal level. There are many historical museums and sites within a short distance from Howard County, Maryland. For example, you could tour the Maryland Center for History and Culture in Baltimore. If you’re short on time, there are also many smaller local museums close to home like the Howard County Living Farm Heritage Museum.

Visit the Nation’s Capital

If you’re ready for a road trip, the nation’s capital is a great choice for Maryland families. Did you know Washington, DC is less than 30 miles away from Howard, Maryland? The city is filled with tons of history, adventure, and not to mention free activities. You can take a day trip to the National Zoo, the Spy Museum, the Natural History Museum, or the Botanical Gardens. The possibilities are endless in this beautiful city.

Get Away to Baltimore

Baltimore is another beautiful city that is just a short drive. You and your children can explore the National Aquarium, the Inner Harbor and the Visionary Arts Museum. No matter what activities or interests your children enjoy, Baltimore is certain to have something they will enjoy. The city offers everything from the Port Discovery Children’s Museum to historical tall ships. You’re sure to find something to catch the attention of even the most reluctant teenager.

Get Out into Nature in Maryland’s Scenic State Parks

Spring Break often has excellent weather to encourage kids to get outside, stretch their legs, and connect with nature. Depending on where you live, there may be a local park or nature center right around the corner! The Maryland Department of Natural Resources offers a centralized website to find campsites, hiking and biking trails, and a variety of nature activities and events. If your schedule allows you to go further, you could take a trip to the Chincoteague Islands and Chincoteague National Wildlife Refuge in Virginia or visit one of Maryland’s many beaches.

Sign Kids Up for a Sleep-Away Adventure Trip

Unfortunately not every parent has the opportunity to take five days off of work during Spring Break. If you are one of those parents, take a look at your local county’s spring break camps. These events offer kids a variety of structured sports and activities, as well as the opportunity to try something new. There are also private “adventure camp” opportunities like Terrapin Adventures, which can offer kids of all ages excitement within a safe environment.

Can One Parent Approve High School Spring Break Trips?

When kids get older, they may be less interested in spending their limited free time with their parents. High school students (especially seniors) may ask to go away for Spring Break with their friends to the beach, or even resort destinations like Mexico or Cancun. If you have shared legal custody, these decisions should be made together with your co-parent. While a Spring Break vacation may not sound like a “major life decision,” traveling overseas has its dangers. The risks associated with kids vacationing with limited parental supervision should not be ignored, and should be thoroughly discussed before either parent starts filling out a passport application or permission slip.

At the Law Office of Shelly M. Ingram, our Maryland child custody lawyers want you and your kids to have a fun, safe, and memorable Spring Break. We can help you understand your family’s parenting time schedule and legal custody arrangements so you can make the right choice in planning your children’s vacation. We also offer collaborative law options and neutral mediation services to help parents resolve their legal custody disputes quicker, even in time for Spring Break! We want to help you make the best decisions for your children’s wellbeing. Call us at (301) 658-7354 or contact us online to schedule a consultation with an attorney, or set up a mediation.