What does "equitable distribution" mean?

In Maryland divorce, marital property is subject to equitable distribution. This is not the same as a 50-50 division of property, although in many cases 50-50 is an equitable result. If the court is asked to divide your marital property they will evaluate a number of factors to determine what is "equitable" in your case, in no particular order, these factors include:

1. Length of marriage.
2. Age of each party.
3. Health (physical and mental) of each party.
4. How and when marital property was acquired, including the effort each party made towards acquisition.
5. Reasons for the break-up of the marriage.
6. Monetary and non-monetary contributions to the well-being of the family during the marriage.
7. Value of marital property.
8. Alimony award or award of family use personal property or use and possession of a family home.
9. Anything that the court deems necessary or appropriate to consider to arrive at a "fair" monetary award or transfer of property.