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Close-up of mediator for couple analyzing behavior of spouses. Concept for the question “How does divorce mediation work?”

How Does Divorce Mediation Work? With Compromise and Cooperation.

Divorce mediation is a tool that helps Maryland couples dissolve their marriages peacefully and with respect for one another’s priorities. However, when emotions run high, it can lead you to wonder, “How does divorce mediation work?” The truth… Read More
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Up close image of the hands and body language of a mediator with divorcing couple in mediation.

Mediation Techniques Used in Maryland

Mediation can be a great tool for resolving disputes. It can help keep co-parents out of court, and help divorcing spouses resolve their cases quickly, and without the trouble of trial. Understanding what mediation is, and the different mediation tec… Read More
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Young couple are arguing on the couch in their home and having difficulty and problems in a relationship and marriage sitting back to back and ignoring and not talking to each other

Out of Court Divorce - What are my options?

Some families are not well-suited to the conflict and high tension of an adversarial divorce trial. If divorce court sounds expensive, time consuming, and unhealthy, you may want to consider out of court alternatives. Which one is best for you will d… Read More
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Mediator talking to a couple during a session

Top 10 Tips For Successful Divorce Mediation

Your divorce case has been referred to mediation. Or maybe you and your spouse are hoping to avoid lengthy litigation by mediating first and then filing for a Mutual Consent Divorce. If you want to make the most of your time and energy, here are some… Read More
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