Chris D. 5/31/2022 Google

If I could speak to my former self eight months ago when I first reached out to Shelly, I would say "just do exactly what she says".

I questioned a lot due to having pre-marital assets that turned marital. Shelly is a very intelligent person, which I valued above all else, and, also had great insight into my ex. as a person, and advised accordingly. Shelly was direct and explained things in an easy to understand manner. If I was upset at something, Shelly would talk me down and advise on how to move forward. She is honorable and wouldn't engage in dubious or underhanded tactics, keeping your dignity intact, which, in a divorce, is very difficult to do. She is able to remain objective in a highly charged and emotional environment. She was very reasonably priced given how good a lawyer she is and I have no hesitation in recommending her (or Jessica's) services.