Past Client 8.20

Shelly is Utterly Professional, Deeply Knowledgeable of the Law.

Ingram singlehandedly enabled me to gain control of my life and my future after 15 years of stagnation, hopelessness, and financial hardship. I cannot recommend her highly enough, both as an attorney and as a person.

As a legal practitioner, Shelly is utterly professional, deeply knowledgable of the law, the courts and court personnel, unflappable, staunchly ethical, timely, and efficient. Her demeanor in professional settings and communications is unfailingly polite and civil, yet firm. She is there for you, and won’t let the other side get away with anything unfair without confronting it.

As a person, Shelly is warm, sympathetic, and caring, but can also be firm when necessary to keep things moving, and to keep you motivated.

My separation was extremely lengthy (15 years), and my divorce was unduly long and arduous. Shelly stuck by me through it all, refusing to let me give up as I had so many times before, and opened doors for me through every obstacle. She did all of this in a way that was kind yet firm, and helped me reach a resolution that met my personal standard for compassion, while finally becoming free to control my own life for the first time since my marriage in 1988.

Shelly’s work ethic, attention to detail, and standards of excellence are impeccable. She will go the extra mile, and then some, and will make sure that all the details are covered. She is always aware that time is your money, and is respectful of both. Shelly will never waste your time or hers, and she will account for every penny you pay for her services. Divorce is always expensive, but I am convinced that Shelly did her utmost to give value for her fees, and that I ultimately spent far less than I could have due to her efforts.

I have been fortunate in life in that when I have really, truly needed just the right person to come into my life at a critical juncture, that person suddenly appears. In the case of my divorce, Shelly Ingram was that person, and I will be forever grateful to her. I owe my current enjoyment of life and the fruits of my labor to her and cannot thank her enough.