The people working in this office provided great help with navigating an otherwise difficult experience that I so dreaded before I embarked on this process. I have been fortunate to have had their valuable counsel on all these delicate matters, as they made sure I understood every step and document involved, drawing my attention to the relevant details as needed, and answering all my questions in the process.

– Geo P. 9/15/2022 Google

I have been extremely happy with the services of Shelly Ingram and her team!

From start to finish I was very well represented and supported. When you need the services of a lawyer, obviously it’s a very stressful time in your life and you need the reassurance that you have the right professional support. I had that at the law office of Shelly Ingram.

– Lisa J. 9/15/2022 Google

Shelly was upfront and realistic about the work necessary to move through court requests, mediation, settlement agreements/negotiations, custody agreements, and ultimately trial.

Shelly was prepared, organized, persuasive and passionate about my position Divorce is an emotionally charged event. There is no way around it. In my case the process took about two years. And from our initial meeting through the final decision, Shelly Ingram was a consistent and knowledgeable advocate. Ms. Ingram’s assessment of my case and the probability of going to trial was “spot on”. Though all attempts to negotiate outside of court were unsuccessful, Shelly and her team prepared me for each step of the process.

Looking back I think I needed quite a bit of hand holding. In the midst of my trepidation, Shelly was upfront and realistic about the work necessary to move through court requests, mediation, settlement agreements/negotiations, custody agreements, and ultimately trial. Shelly’s team collaborated with other professional partners to unearth undisclosed information while working with me to create reasonable settlement proposals which were the core of the final settlement. The months of data gathering, calls, zooms, and data uploads were definitely unpleasant. However as the saying goes, “Planning Prevents Poor Performance”. When it was time for trial, the benefits of the planning and preparation were evident. I felt prepared for opposing counsel’s tactics and I knew what to expect each day of trial. In the courtroom, Shelly was prepared, organized, persuasive and passionate about my position. Now that the court has issued the divorce decree, I ultimately feel that I was represented well and I would recommend Shelly Ingram to anyone in need of this sort of representation.

– Nneka 8/26/2022 Avvo

Entrusting this team was probably what gave me the best outcome with a smooth process. I highly recommend this team.

I sought out Shelly and her team for a personal legal matter. I first searched local lawyers and noticed the high ratings the office had. Initial consult was actually a year prior to working with this team. Shelly was informative and patient during my consult, therefore once I was ready to go through the process, I knew I would choose her to represent me. Shelly, Jessica, and Laurie were responsive throughout the whole process. They walked me through every step and made sure I understood exactly what was going on and what to expect. Entrusting this team was probably what gave me the best outcome with a smooth process. I highly recommend this team.

– Sophia R. 7/15/2022 Google

I fully recommend Shelly Ingram and her wonderful group of professionals.

Great Appreciation to Shelly, Jessica, Laurie and the whole team. I fully recommend Shelly Ingram and her wonderful group of professionals. During a difficult time, Shelly and her seamless team provided me with highly experienced advice, perfect/take charge execution and finally freedom to move into a positive future for myself, my family and my friends. Thanks for everything!


– Brian R. 6/13/2022 Google

If I could speak to my former self eight months ago when I first reached out to Shelly, I would say "just do exactly what she says".

I questioned a lot due to having pre-marital assets that turned marital. Shelly is a very intelligent person, which I valued above all else, and, also had great insight into my ex. as a person, and advised accordingly. Shelly was direct and explained things in an easy to understand manner. If I was upset at something, Shelly would talk me down and advise on how to move forward. She is honorable and wouldn't engage in dubious or underhanded tactics, keeping your dignity intact, which, in a divorce, is very difficult to do. She is able to remain objective in a highly charged and emotional environment. She was very reasonably priced given how good a lawyer she is and I have no hesitation in recommending her (or Jessica's) services.


– Chris D. 5/31/2022 Google

I am exceptionally happy with my results and I wanted to write this review to help others who are looking for awesome representation.

I found Shelly Ingram online through google and let me say I don’t regret hiring her as my lawyer for my divorce. I am exceptionally happy with my results and I wanted to write this review to help others who are looking for awesome representation. My divorce was finalized in less time than expected and with great results. I am so happy Shelly and Jessica assisted me with such expertise in such a difficult time in my life. I am forever grateful to all her staff for working around my schedule. They will do everything to make your case successful.


– Silvia S. 5/18/2022 Google

After 40 Years of Marriage, My Husband Decided He Wanted a Divorce.

I found Shelly M. Ingram Law online, made a call, and, Shelly and Lindsay came to my rescue. Lindsay helped me navigate the process, always patiently explaining, and always supremely kind and considerate. She listened to my goals, kept me on track, and helped formulate the strategy to reach those goals. Thanks, in part, to their guidance I have moved on to a happy and independent new chapter in life.

– Joanne W. 5/14/2022 Google

Great Communication, Very Caring Lawyer and Firm

This has been a long process for me, over 3+ years, starting with my divorce, and then later with the need to get my ex husband to pay debts that put liens on our former marital home. I hired this law firm to help me with everything. Shelly Ingram and her staff (Laurie, Jessica, and Qarman) were very attentive, professional, and detail oriented from the start, never giving in or giving up, and always precise and fair, through every legal document they wrote up, every phone call they had with me or on my behalf, during every court hearing, preparing me for court, and with every negotiation. They answered emails and phone calls promptly and put legal terms into layman’s terms so that I could understand exactly what was being done. I was very happy with the outcome of the divorce settlement and feel that I got everything I wanted out of it. I originally chose her firm based on reviews and general profile and I was very pleased that I did.


– Wendy 5/10/2022 - Avvo

Legal Separation and Divorce

I used the Law Office of Shelly M. Ingram to handle both my legal separation and ultimately my divorce. Shelly and her team far exceeded my expectations. I never felt like just another case, Shelly really took the time to fully understand the personality type of my soon-to-be ex-husband. I believe that made all the difference in successfully defending me against his many frivolous lawsuits. I am grateful to her and her team for providing top-notch legal services at a fair price during such a difficult time in my life.


– T.R. Avvo

Money well spent!

I was striking out in my search for a lawyer to handle my child custody case. I felt that Shelly was a gift from GOD when I found her. My court case date was quickly approaching and she stepped up and provided a good strategy and sound advice. She was successful in winning two of my cases and an oral argument in appeals court. It felt great to know that I had her and her team working diligently on my behalf. I am looking forward to my partnership with her firm in the future!


– Former Client Avvo 2.8.22

Shelly Ingram is a phenomenal family lawyer. I’m extremely grateful to have worked with her during one of the most vulnerable and challenging times of my life. Shelly is honest and balanced, provides excellent advice and matches her guidance to your needs. She supports collaborative processes when they are feasible, and can be assertive when needed in communication and litigation. She is clear and thoughtful, identifying creative solutions that maximize the best outcomes. She is supportive of other options, like mediation, and matches her advice to the needs of the situation. Shelly is your advocate and will help you move on to a better situation. I recommend her without reservation.


– Ashley 2022

Shelly and her staff were kind, professional and helped me through a very difficult time. Highly recommend her services.


– former client 2.28.22

Shelly Ingram is extremely bright and hardworking. She was able to de-escalate the conflict in my case successfully. She is skilled in collaborative law and is well prepared for court hearings. She often answers emails outside her work hours which worked well with my busy schedule. She is a good team leader for her firm and is efficient and organized. I found the digital experience she provides for her clients very helpful.


– Former client 3.1.22

I used the Law Office of Shelly M. Ingram to handle both my legal separation and ultimately my divorce. Shelly and her team far exceeded my expectations. I never felt like just another case, Shelly really took the time to fully understand the personality type of my soon to be ex-husband. I believe that made all the difference in successfully defending me against his many frivolous lawsuits. I am grateful to her and her team for providing top-notch legal services at a fair price during such a difficult time in my life.


– Former client 2.7.22

Working with Shelly definitely changed the trajectory of my recent divorce! I was certainly lost, confused and almost got my case dismissed without her help. She came in and literally saved the day. She was knowledgeable, punctual and guided me step by step which calmed my nerves! Thanks to Shelly Ingram I am happily divorced and have full custody of my son, I can’t thank her enough.


– former client 1.31.22

Gregory Votta did a tremendous job assisting me with my family law matter. He was quick to respond and always made sure I understood every element of the legal proceedings. He is extremely knowledgeable and easy to speak with. I wouldn't hesitate to retain him and the Shelly Ingram law firm again if I ever needed legal representation in this area.


– Former Client 12.13.21

Shelly and Lindsay were always professional, timely, outstanding, empathetic and guided me throughout my divorce process. Tie-Breaking authority can be very hard when dealing with a high conflict spouse but Shelly and Lindsay were very strategic and were able to make it happen in my Divorce. I will definitely utilize their services in the future and I highly recommended them to anyone who needs counsel for divorce. Thank you so so much.


– Former client 6.26.21

I had the pleasure of working with Lindsay Stanton for my divorce. She was always very professional and helpful. On more than one occasion Mrs. Stanton was able to calm me down and talk some sense into me to prevent me from asking for something that might have caused me even more heartache, time, and money and wouldn't have gotten me the results I was looking for. If you are in need of a good divorce attorney you won't regret hiring anyone from Shelly Ingram's Law Office.


– Past Client 2.3.21

Shelly Ingram is a phenomenal attorney. She is incredibly bright, highly professional, detail-oriented, transparent yet supportive, warm and kind all at the same time (which is rare these days). Her staff exudes the utmost professionalism when dealing with clients and they all have excellent manners which is icing on the cake. If you want the best, hire Shelly Ingram!


– Past client 3.1.20

Shelly Ingram was an amazing help and support during my divorce procedure. She is very knowledgeable, professional, always prepared; just talking to her made me feel better and more confident during that difficult time. I am very grateful for all her hard work.


– Past Client

Excellent work

I had a case that my ex was dragging out. I switched to this firm as my lawyer was moving to another position, and could not have been more pleased. She was understanding and allied with me to help move the process along more quickly, and did not allow my ex or his lawyer to continue to derail the process. I couldn't be more pleased.


– Jennifer Avvo October 7, 2020

Shelly Fully Supported Me

Shelly did a fantastic job handling my full trial, divorce, and custody case. She knows both the law and the nuances of judges and courts. She listened to me, she provided tough love in private when needed, and fully supported me in negotiations and court. My attorney fees were less than half of my ex's fees and the end result, while not perfect, met all of my most important needs.


– Amy : Avvo GoogleYelp Oct 2, 2019

Strongly Recommend

Very Professional and excellent work done through the entire process by Shelly and team on my Divorce. Kept me grounded and well informed on the case. I will strongly recommend Shelly and team.


– Naveen T.Google 11.21.2019

5 star is an Understatement

Shelly Ingram and her team handled my divorce case with ease. Shelly is very professional and responsive. She’s thorough, works hard and is very dedicated. I highly recommend her and would absolutely use her services again. Thanks for caring and handling my case. She’s the best!!


– Anonymous Avvo August 21, 2019

Effective and Sensible

Shelly has a thorough understanding of family law, listens to your goals and help you achieve them. She is cognizant of the financial burden and does her best to mitigate unnecessary costs while still doing an excellent job. I have used her for my divorce and two amendments to custody arrangements.


– Kate Avvo July 25, 2018

Shelly is Utterly Professional, Deeply Knowledgeable of the Law.

Ingram singlehandedly enabled me to gain control of my life and my future after 15 years of stagnation, hopelessness, and financial hardship. I cannot recommend her highly enough, both as an attorney and as a person.

As a legal practitioner, Shelly is utterly professional, deeply knowledgable of the law, the courts and court personnel, unflappable, staunchly ethical, timely, and efficient. Her demeanor in professional settings and communications is unfailingly polite and civil, yet firm. She is there for you, and won’t let the other side get away with anything unfair without confronting it.

As a person, Shelly is warm, sympathetic, and caring, but can also be firm when necessary to keep things moving, and to keep you motivated.

My separation was extremely lengthy (15 years), and my divorce was unduly long and arduous. Shelly stuck by me through it all, refusing to let me give up as I had so many times before, and opened doors for me through every obstacle. She did all of this in a way that was kind yet firm, and helped me reach a resolution that met my personal standard for compassion, while finally becoming free to control my own life for the first time since my marriage in 1988.

Shelly’s work ethic, attention to detail, and standards of excellence are impeccable. She will go the extra mile, and then some, and will make sure that all the details are covered. She is always aware that time is your money, and is respectful of both. Shelly will never waste your time or hers, and she will account for every penny you pay for her services. Divorce is always expensive, but I am convinced that Shelly did her utmost to give value for her fees, and that I ultimately spent far less than I could have due to her efforts.

I have been fortunate in life in that when I have really, truly needed just the right person to come into my life at a critical juncture, that person suddenly appears. In the case of my divorce, Shelly Ingram was that person, and I will be forever grateful to her. I owe my current enjoyment of life and the fruits of my labor to her and cannot thank her enough.


– Past Client , August 20, 2018

Shelly is world-class. I'm forever grateful to have had her in my corner throughout the divorce process. Her counsel and dedication to moving my case forward was a huge load off my shoulders. It allowed me to focus on my other responsibilities as a mother of three and owner of a growing business.

Shelly's attention to detail, yet ability to keep me focused on the things that mattered most, helped move the process forward with much respect and grace.

– Past Client, June 5, 2015

Shelly Ingram did an excellent job with my divorce and custody case. I moved to another state right when I was served with paperwork for divorce. She was able to work with me on my case from 8 hours away. I felt fully informed and whenever I did not understand a procedure or what was happening she was there to explain everything. I wouldn't have chosen anyone else to work on my case. I interviewed at least 20 highly rated attorneys in the area and I knew after meeting Shelly for the first time, she was the attorney for my case. She is extremely professional and will always give you the information you need straightforward. She was there every step of the way and knew proper procedures for everything we went through from the hearing, to the attempts at coming to agreements with my ex-spouse, all the way to trial preparation. She was fully prepared for trial and was great in the courtroom! She thinks quickly and her expertise is excellent. I highly recommend her to anyone needing an excellent attorney!

– Past Client, April 7, 2015

I am very happy I chose Shelly, as she well represented me in my successful divorce. Shelly was very detail oriented, warm, compassionate, professional, was very good at effectively and efficiently making sure we covered important issues, provided very helpful advice and was a pleasure to work with. Shelly provided my best legal experience, by far.

– Past Client, October 24, 2014

I’m so glad I choose you for my lawyer as you have been just the right amount of tough and kindness that I need in this situation I find myself in. I couldn’t ask for anyone better.

– Past Client, February 24, 2014

While no one wishes to find themselves in a child custody case, Ms. Ingram is a knowledge, trustworthy attorney who can guide you through the process. I was very impressed with Ms. Ingram's ability to get up to speed on the facts of my case very quickly. She was extremely responsive, strategically thought through all aspects of the case, and was an excellent advocate. Ms. Ingram was the consummate professional and demonstrated strong integrity and sound decision making during the process. If you find yourself in the unfortunate position of being involved in a family law issue, I would highly recommend that you seek the services of Ms. Ingram.

– Past Client, January 2, 2014

I wish divorce on no one. But if you must go through this messy process, you want Shelly on your team. She took the time to truly listen to me and what I hoped to gain from a final outcome. She was very good at guiding me through what was possible, but more importantly, likely to happen in my case. Shelly provided me the proper guidance in order that I could give myself the best chance to achieve what I hoped to gain for myself and my family. It's never easy to be in a contentious divorce. Shelly stayed firm but realistic, always mindful of my goals as a client. I never felt like she had her own agenda. Because of her meticulous attention to detail during the preparations and proceedings, I ended up with a favorable outcome that met my goals.

– Past Client, December 19, 2013

I just wanted to thank you for everything you have done for me during this very difficult time in my life. You have shown true professionalism and concern. I will not forget. I believe in our judicial system once again. Just wanted to let you know how I felt.

– Past Client, May 3, 2010

I know you were just doing your job, but it means so much more to me. You literally saved my son's life. Thank you so much!

– Past Client, December 22, 2011

I will always be extremely grateful to Shelly, for caring so much about me and my outcome. I’m sure that she treats all of her clients the way she treated me, but I just felt like I was the only one she was taking care of. I felt like she cared enough to give me “tough love” at times. Unfortunately, in your line of work, you probably rarely have “happy” people you deal with. At the same time that I am not happy about what I’ve had to deal with, it made me extremely comfortable, and I felt at ease, this entire time. THANK YOU.

– Past Client, May 24, 2012

When representing her clients, Shelly Ingram provides the proper balance of empathy and aggressiveness, and easily communicates complex legal details quickly and effectively in a manner that respects the emotional investment of the client yet also facilitates a focused perspective from which the client can objectively approach difficult decisions with sound judgment and calm confidence.

– Past Client, January 4, 2013