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Sad young woman looking in camera, unhappy mother-in-law standing behind. Visual concept for blog on navigating relationships with ex-laws post-divorce.

Tips for Maintaining a Relationship with Your Former In-Laws

When you divorce, you don’t only part ways with your spouse — your relationship with their family may also come to an end. However, if you will be co-parenting with your ex-spouse, maintaining a relationship with your former in-laws might be impo… Read More
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Young couple having a serious conversation in a bar. Visual concept for family law and divorce blog titled; How to Communicate with Your Spouse During Divorce: Building Bridges, Not Walls.

How to Communicate with Your Spouse During Divorce: Building Bridges, Not Walls

The way you communicate with your spouse during divorce can have a lasting effect on your relationship moving forward. Effective communication can help to streamline the divorce process and minimize the amount of time you spend in court. It can also… Read More
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Smiling Man Giving His Girlfriend Engagement Ring Asking To Marry Him During Romantic Date In Restaurant. Visual representation for a legal blog,

We Are Getting Engaged! Should We Sign a Prenup?

The holiday season can lead to wedding bells for a lot of Maryland couples. Christmas, New Year, and Valentine’s Day are some of the most popular times of year for couples to get engaged. If your fiance “popped the question” or you have decided… Read More
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Marriage ring left with message concept for when a spouse asks for a divorce.

7 Things You Should Do After A Spouse Asks for Divorce

Knowing the things you should do after a spouse asks for divorce can help you work through your feelings and choose the right Maryland divorce process for you and your family. Read More
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Frustrated stressed young couple in bed lying backs to each other. Relationship and problems couples. Concept for Tips For A Healthy Separation.

7 Tips For A Healthy Separation

If you and your spouse are ready to take a break, you may be interested in how to separate in a healthy way and reduce conflict. Here are some tips that can help you move toward a healthy separation so you can protect yourself and your children from… Read More
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Happy lesbian couple relaxing on sofa in living room, concept for domestic partnership.

Domestic Partnership, Civil Unions, and Property Problems in Maryland

The number of people choosing to live together without going through a formal marriage is rising every year. But non-marriage alternatives like civil unions and domestic partnership are imperfect replacements for a legal marriage. Before you decide t… Read More
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Rear-view of five children jumping in the air wearing backpacks. Concept for Spring Break!

Maryland Spring Break Activities for Kids

Spring Break is an opportunity for many parents to connect with their kids and make lasting memories. Whether you are a long-distance parent making the most of school breaks, or a custodial parent looking to break up your everyday routine, these Spri… Read More
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Cropped shot of a man and woman sitting on a sofa and holding hands. Concept for Relationship Advice From a Maryland Divorce Attorney.

Relationship Advice From a Maryland Divorce Attorney

You may think that as a divorce lawyer, I am waiting for your marriage to fail. I’m not. But I have seen the results of many unsuccessful marriages and relationships. Here are some marriage tips and relationship advice from a Maryland divorce attor… Read More
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Father and daughter relaxing on a rocky beach by the sea concept for How Parental Alienation Affects the Parent-Child Relationship

How Parental Alienation Affects the Parent-Child Relationship

In high-conflict family situations, it can often feel like your former spouse or partner will say or do anything to undermine you. It might feel impossible to overcome the interference you face from your co-parent or their family. But is that truly … Read More
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Husband blaming wife of problems concept for divorcing a narcissist.

What to Expect When Divorcing a Narcissist

No divorce is easy, but when divorcing a narcissist, there are additional concerns that you and your divorce attorney must address. Knowing how narcissism works and what to expect when divorcing a narcissist can be important to setting your expectati… Read More
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