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Husband blaming wife of problems concept for divorcing a narcissist.

What to Expect When Divorcing a Narcissist

No divorce is easy, but when divorcing a narcissist, there are additional concerns that you and your divorce attorney must address. Knowing how narcissism works and what to expect when divorcing a narcissist can be important to setting your expectati… Read More
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A multi-ethnic blended family playing in the park together on a sunny day. They are sitting together on a deck. The African-American mother and Caucasian father have mixed race twin boys, almost 3 years old. Their daughters and step-daughters are 11 to 15 years old. The mother and girls are smiling and looking, looking at the camera.

7 Tips For Blended Family Success

After a divorce or custody battle, it may be tempting to move on quickly and form a new romantic relationship. But when that relationship advances to the point of living together, things can get more complicated. Successfully creating a blended famil… Read More
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